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    What you see on this website is work in progress. Following the satisfying work on our Dutch and Flemish website on social work history and the numerous enthusiastic reactions, it was only logical to expand that work and 'go international'. On this website, we will develop a time line of international social work, providing brief information on the fifty most significant persons or activities on that time line. Each description will also provide links to further information as well as digital copies of key publications (as far as we are able to provide these without violating copyright law).

  • Editors

    The joint editors of this website are Jan Steyaert and Kevin Harris. Jan works at the School of Social Work in Eindhoven (the Netherlands) and the Master of Social Work in Antwerp (Belgium). He can be contacted by mail at jan@steyaert.org. Kevin works at Local Level and is based near London, UK.

    The other editors of the Dutch and Flemish version of this initiative are Jos van der Lans, Maarten van der Linde, Wim Verzelen and Ard Sprinkhuizen. Technical support is provided by Willem van Leeuwen (from Dutchlion) and graphical design by Anne van de Genachte.

  • Sources

    Each item on the time line will include references to relevant literature. Apart from these, some key publications have been extensively used. An overview of them is available.

  • Copyright

    Where possible, we have searched for the copyright owner of all publications and graphical material we use on this website, and requested permission to use the material. Should you be owner of some of this material and not be happy with it being used on this website, please let us know and we will remove it. Even better would of course be that you have publications or photos or other material that we can use. In both cases, do send us an email.

  • Copyright 2

    All material on this website can be used free of charge. We believe more in copyleft than in copyright. As such, our texts here can be used as is appropriate to you, under only two conditions: you mention it is taken from www.historyofsocialwork.org and you do not use it for commercial purposes.

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